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Thank you so much for your support.  Your tax-deductible gift will help the children of a parent with a terminal illness enjoy a special One Day to Remember together as a family.  We offer these experiences at no cost to the family and are so appreciateive of your generosity.



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One Day to Remember
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If you would like to send a donation to One Day to Remember “In honor of” or “In memory of” someone please follow the steps below:

·       Print clearly in the memo of the check who the donation is “In honor” of or “In memory” of.

·       On a separate sheet of paper, please include the name(s) and address of either the person or family (“in honor of” donations) or next of kin (“in memory of” donations) in order for an acknowledgement letter to be sent.

·       Please include your address (if not written on your check) so we can send you a “thank you” letter for your donation.


Please send a check or money order made out to One Day to Remember:

One Day to Remember

PO Box 81032

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

In Memory of...

Adriane Park

Frank and Kimberly Augustine

Betty Hall and Helen Bowden

Rebekah Stokes and Helen Bowden

Mike and Carrie Czar

Paul and Sharon Czar

Karen Faller

Valerie Holzherr

Mr. and Mrs. William Rudesill

Suzanne Shelling

Mark & Fayette Wernick


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timothy & lisa honkala

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J. McLaughlin Family

Scott & Michelle Powell

Bruce & Nancy rankin

R. Jeffrey Plesset

The whole plesset family


In Honor Of...

Adam Antin

David & michelle friedland - in honor of his 1st birthday

Dr. Richard Wein

Becky Drury & Sister Francis O'connor - We are most grateful for his dedicated care to his patients and his philanthropic work in our community.

Rebecca & Larry Solloway

Zac Lissauer

M&M Lissauer Charitable Fund - in honor of zac's birthday

Grace Lissauer - in memory & honor of those we love