Our Mission

One Day to Remember is dedicated to creating lasting and meaningful memories for children of a parent suffering from a life-limiting illness.

It all started when…

Rachel Antin, Founder & Executive Director set out to create lasting memories for children who have a parent with a life-limiting illness.  As an oncology nurse, "I watched many families come into our office, not knowing what their outcome would be.  I have seen the toll a life-limiting illness has, not only on the patient, but also on his/her family. I see the struggle a parent has knowing they might be leaving their family behind."  One Day to Remember’s goal is to help the family forget about the illness and focus on time together; to give them an opportunity to feel what life was like before the diagnoses; to just enjoy a day without worrying about the future, treatment, sickness, or financial hardship. 

Tell me more...

Before the big day, we meet with every family to get to know them, learn about their diagnosis, talk about any special accommodations they may need and most importantly, understand what their perfect day would entail. Whether it is spending the day behind the scenes at the Pittsburgh Zoo with the sea lions, a day at a horse ranch, or going to a sporting event or getting a complete makeover at a salon and spa; we plan these outings so that the entire family feels extra special.

The day always begins with the arrival of a limousine to chauffeur the family for the entire day. We work with every business, museum and restaurant visited on the day to make sure our families are treated like celebrities. Every family is also accompanied by a professional photographer who documents the entire day and provides each family with a complete photo album that immortalizes the day and makes it One Day to Remember forever.