Ten Family Outing

It was a gorgeous day and a limo picked the Ten Family up from their home and drove them to Faith Ranch in Jewett, Ohio.  During a delicious lunch provided by the generous ranch staff, Trisha told us about the journey they have been on since her diagnosis and how much life has changed. After lunch they met their horses and went on a beautiful trail ride.  They finished their day with tacos from Bakersfield in Downtown Pittsburgh to remind them of New Mexico where they were living until August.

Trisha said, "Wow.  I just cannot tell you enough how much [that day] meant to us!  I think it's the first day every kid was happy at the same time and no one fought.  What a gift you gave us! My heart is overflowing"

Thank you so much to Faith Ranch for hosting us and for making the Ten family feel so special.  Thank you to Bakersfield for the wonderful dinner and to Exceptional Limousine for helping us coordinate the day.  Thank you to Angela McClain Photography for capturing this amazing day!

We were so fortunate to connect with Trisha and her family and we feel honored that they allowed us into their lives for this special day.